Live data onto your PC in minutes

Reliable Affordable Simple to use.

Whether you require real-time monitoring, charts, alarms or historical reports, the i-Log6424 combines with DMS3000 and DMS5000 remote I/O modules to provide a powerful data logging solution - simple to use - at an affordable price.


Simple to use
Easy pre configured set up - saves configuration and development time.

Web enabled
View and download data remotely using your favourite web browser - share information anywhere plant wide or worldwide.

Custom CSV logging
Export your data to popular spreadsheets - for detailed statistical analysis.

Data Scaling
Apply scaling values to individual channels - get the right results first time.

64 Analog channels
Individual comm.'s polling on each channel – no wasted tags monitor up to 64 modules.

Typical applications include monitoring and logging of data from:-

process plant
laboratory applications
machine monitoring
environmental control
performance testing
condition monitoring.

Real-time and historical trending
Variable rate trend charts and fast replay – get to the data you need fast.

High low alarms
User definable alarms with enable/disable - for tighter control over your process.

24 Digital event channels
Enable/disable event logging option - for greater flexibility.

Event recording
Time and date stamped logging to plain text files - for flexible reporting.

Modbus compatible
Industry standard protocol - compatible with existing networks and devices

Web enabled data-logging straight from the box!


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