The Client

Based in Daventry, Oxford Automotive Technologies (O.A.T.) specialise in providing energy saving solutions and contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions through the development and use of breakthrough technology.

The Challenge

OAT were tasked by National Car Parks (N.C.P.) to provide an energy-saving system to automatically control the lighting at their multi-storey car parks. OAT researched and developed their Insight Control System, which utilises light sensors around the perimeter of the car park and motion sensors in other zones. These signals are fed back to a control box (the Oracle II), which hooks up to existing lighting switchgear.

OAT were looking for a way to reduce the time taken to build the control box by reducing its complexity and simplifying its construction.

The AIID solution

The old system comprised numerous separate components, including power supplies, fuses, relays, a PLC and a variety of terminals, all of which had to be wired together by hand, taking around three hours to complete. After visiting OAT and examining the existing system in detail, AIID produced a design and proposal for a single PCB incorporating all the functionality of the existing system, with additional improved features, that could be installed in two minutes. The lead time from acceptance of proposal to delivery of the product was only five weeks.

The Benefits

  • Assembly times reduced by 98%
  • Significant cost reduction
  • Improved product reliability
  • More efficient operation and maintenance through fault warning sensors
  • Cost reduction up to 50% for end client
  • ROI as short as 6 months for end client

The Verdict

AIID’s service was thoroughly professional and highly effective, and their response time was amazingly quick. We now have a much more efficient system with many additional features that we hadn’t envisaged, all of which help us provide a greatly improved service to our client.

Toby Merridan, Director, O.A.T. Ltd.

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